Kandara – Greentenders

Greentending is a form of communion with Kandara herself.  Unlike Weaving, which focuses on changing the basic patterns of the Weave; Greentending focuses on alignment with the qualities of the natural World.  The Greentender philosophy moves towards honour of the perfection of the natural World and deepening into Her mysteries.  Theirs is a devoted relationship with the Mother.

Greentenders power comes from their relationship to the natural World.  Their strength from deepening their connection to the land.  Many Greentenders are constantly barefoot; in order to maintain their connection to the lines of energy radiating from the Mother.  Theirs is a perception of the biosphere of the trees, the plants, the grass.  As they deepen into their skills, they can sense the various elemental intelligences within surrounding areas, and query those elemental forces to aid or inform them.

Unlike Weavers, who primarily work with change, Greentenders work with the energy of Life.  They are capable of drawing upon the strength of the planet to increase their own stamina, their strength; to heal; increase vitality; and connect with the higher, elemental wisdom of the Mother.  Greentenders may cause accelerated growth of seeds and flowers, as well as intuitively sense the nature of poisons and ways in which such toxins may be cured through the natural World.

Greentenders, due to their relationship with the elemental deva of the World; may call upon elementals.  Depending on their relationship with the Mother and with the land; different deva (elementals) will assist them.  It is a kindness of relationship; gained through years of interaction with the land.  Greentenders are tuned into the web of life; a sense of life-force that permeates all things.  Thus they are intimately tuned into the disruption of life-force that is the Unliving.  Such creatures appear as tears in the web of life.  As Greentenders deepen into their Art and refine their Consciousness, their range and accuracy of such things increases.  As guardians and stewards of the Mother; Greentenders may disrupt the Unliving through their touch (and at deeper revelations, at a distance).

Greentending Talents all relate to the elemental world.  To Life, Death, and the process of transmutation over Time.  They are instinctively perceptive of the ley lines which criss-cross the planet, and can draw mana and heal more rapidly when near them. 

Deva play a large role in Kandara.  As such, Greentenders may ask elemental spirits to aid them, which can bring down walls, even castles, create earthquakes, storms, etc.  Yet unlike Weaving, Greentending is very much a relation based Art.  Greentenders have, as they advance in facility, connections to various forms of wildlife, as well as relationship with the plant world.

Greentending, which treats the world as a great, interconnected Garden, grants the Greentender exceptional health and vitality; their powers aimed at resonance with the Natural.  Greentenders sometimes wield staves of livewood; which enhances their natural skills and acts as a devic intelligence in which they can interact.

Plant-based creatures, in general, do not attack Greentenders, sensing the harmony they aspire to within the natural world.  Greentenders are also able to sense the geographic terrain and are highly adept, if not master guides and trackers through the natural world.  As they deepen in skill, their ability to recognize, forecast, and work with natural phenomena increases.  Yet it must always be remembered, Greentenders work with the deva, asking for their assistance.

Greentenders are driven to the preservation of Life and the cycles.  They avoid wantonly killing beings of intelligence and kindness; acting as best they can to promote harmony within the Garden.  They have no such compunction when dealing with the Unliving or those creatures which disrespect the natural World.


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