Kandara – World of Kandara



First Age

Birth of First Ones

Time of Old Voices (great intelligences of deva)

Second Age

Rise of Sly’thrn Empire

Jin’hadar nation thriving

Old Kingdom of the Mersai

Old Kingdom of the Ironfolk (Ironfolk live above-ground)

Worldeye of the Illumi

The Great Cataclysm

The second moon is cracked; sending fragments of moonrock hurtling into the planet; causing planetwide devastation

creation of ‘Jael’s Belt’; asteroid belt of moonrock around Kandara

Age of Darkness

Ironfolk nation survives beneath the surface, creating the underway and a vast empire while the Middle Kingdom is buffeted by chaos and mana storms for centuries.

Morai people building their culture

Creation of the Dargai virus

Destruction of Ironfolk; destruction of Illumi; massive battles for survival across Kaern

‘Victor’s Moon’ holiday; when the Wildefolk defeated the Dargai horde.

Third Age; Age of Wonder

Ala’mahker is formed; Fai’sachi nation grows

Tylantus is built upon a surviving Grand Leypoint

World of Kandara – Ley

Kandara is a living World.  At her core is a golden, living, pulsing Star.  A living star; radiant in heat and possessed of pure elemental intelligence.  From this central core; she had a network of capillaries of molten liquid called ley and other fluids and minerals which form her being.  In her pristine state, Kandara’s elemental nature grows normally; the evolution of her organism.  However, the falling of the second moon caused massive shifts across her many atmospheres; fundamentally warping the energetic fields.

Originally; the fields of energy that characters refer to as the Weave (or the Trine) radiate between the central core of the planet and outward in spheric ripples.  The breaking of the second moon bent these fields; creating warps on the planet of those fundamental energies.  It is, however, healing; part of the natural healing of the planet herself.  However, in terms of geological time; meaning many millions of years.

During the Age of Chaos,a great comet spun through space; striking the second moon and sending pieces of it hurtling towards the surface of the planet; leaving a broken moon and a field of asteroids around Kandara.  The largest pieces of the moonrock, given inertia by striking of the massive comet, hurtled towards Kandara; slamming into the planet.  The differing gravities created tidal waves, earthquakes and other disasters, changing the topography of much of the World.

These relative gravities and the impact itself warped the fields of energy within Kandara’s biosphere; causing unprecedented destruction.  Comparatively; Kandara herself is much larger than the falling moonstone; though the inertia of the moonrock was vastly increased by the striking of the comet; then increased again by falling into Kandara’s atmosphere.  As it fell, pieces of it’s substances were caught in the gravity field between the first (closer) moon and Kandara herself, creating the asteroid belt which, during the Age of Wonders; still potentially (rarely) rains meteors of moonrock onto the surface.

The second moon of Kandara is actually larger than the first; yet further away.  The second moon is, comparatively, smaller than Kandara; yet constructed of denser mass; with a fundamentally stronger gravity. 

These pieces of moon; falling to Kandara with their increased mass; subtly warp the gravitational fields on her surface; creating varied fields of unpredictable (perhaps geologically predictable) energetics and manifestation.  Consider an originally balanced electromagnetic field suddenly warped by multiple other fields on it’s surface.  These created ‘hot spots’ throughout the various biospheres of Kandara; affecting the flow of the Trine.

Originally, Kandara’s subterranean, surface and aerial atmospheres had a symmetry to them, energetically.  Aspects of her surface; affected by the cosmic tides and the shifting uniqueness of her early evolution, were far more varied.  Parallel to the constant pattern of any living organism with it’s individual qualities.

The ley capillaries of Kandara; containing the molten ley from her central Heart; are made of hyper-vibrant life force energy; creating expanded fields of Green; Weave; and Spirit energies.  In many ways; the superheated substance that radiates energy (drawn from the ambient cosmic fields moving through the Universe).  At the centre of Kandara; her core pulses with vibration; which propels the magmic lines outwards.  As they reach and nourish her surface like capillaries, they drain normally back towards the core towards the core’s gravity.

This movement of ley, of life-giving, mana radiating warmth; is fundamental to all aspects of life on Kandara.

During the moonfall, the crash of moonrocks split and shattered vast sections and continents, lacerating the planet and spraying the ley fluids across parts of the surface; burning and burying them in cooling rock and new land formations as well as having unpredictable effects upon the local energetic fields.  Vast subterranean strata was dumped on the surface as well.  The glittering planes of pure diamond and other crystals that jut up in Vil’hadar are an example of this; as well as many other swaths of shifted surface landscape across the planet.

The moonfall had other qualities.  Vibrations moved through the underground of Kandara; the inner surface; sending shockwaves reshaping the otherwise symmetrical surface.  This was the event that destroyed the Sly’thrrn home continent, creating the Broken Isles.

It also disrupted the flow of the ley lines; rupturing some of the capillaries of the Star at the centre of Kandara and causing their flow to be diverted underground; creating all manner of strange geography.

Due to the life-giving warmth and energy that pulses through Kandara’s capillary lines; places where these lines are close to the surface are filled with life; even if in an otherwise cold and inhospitable environment (like Tai’chorin, at the northern pole of the planet).  Before the moonfall, much of Kandara’s surface was warm; the poles and equator all fed by the ley capillaries.

As the ley lines were ruptured or rerouted by the crash of the second moon along the planet; the surrounding landscape changed.  Portions of land which were once well-nourished by the life-giving blood of the planet died; portions that were once stark and barren became filled with life.  The flow of ley is not constant; with some lines pulsing with great strength and others not.  Magi and other beings may recharge their mana more quickly at such locations.  The islands of Morai, north of Pangaea are such a place; whereas the leypoint upon which sits the city of Tylantus is concentrated into a central node (which houses the tower of the emperor-king); sourcing his power and guidance into the earth.

Great Mother trees grow on great leypoints; many in the natural capillary field of the ley.

Another phenomenon of ley lines is ley lightning; crackling mana storms that emerge out of the strange magnetisms of the moonchanged network.  Wizened Greentenders understand the storms travel along the ley lines.

Ley energy saturates the World around it, filling it with life-giving mana.  Where it flows, it changes and invigorates the space around it.  Pools of water near ley points, over time, take on the ley-giving qualities; much in the manner that wine grows deeper over time.  It forms a natural substance known as ley water; which replenishes the mana of a being who imbibes it; fueling their various talents.

It is essentially the flow of ley from the Heart of Kandara, the capillaries and arteries of her magmic ley, that affects the environment around it.  After the moonfall, this was drastically altered.  Pre-moonfall, there were an number of prime points of ley, major energy nexuses; stretching out symmetrically over the globe, and then capillaries of various points of degrees of radiance.  The crash changed all of this.

Some Grand leypoints remain, granting deep resonance and increased mana to the area around them.  The city of Tylantus is an example of such a place.

Ironically, it was the moonfall that has created such diversity on the planets surface.  Pre-moonfall, Kandara’s inner structure was far more symmetrical, channels of magmic ley pouring their the ecosystem.  When the moonstone struck, shattering the Sly’thrn empire; it also shook up the internal topography of Kandara significantly, creating vast caverns, territories, underground ecosystems that were previously not there.

The inhabitants of Kandara herself are in various degrees of their own development, various degrees of awareness.  Many do not understand the deep elemental conditions; this is the quality of venerable Greentenders and those who walk with the Mother.

Venerable Greentenders within the sacred landscape of Tai’chorin, diving into the Worldeye have mapped out the correlation between the current conditions of Kandara’s body and her current landscape.  This is not common knowledge.

From a geologic sense of time, Kandara herself is healing.  Such a thing will take millions of years; and what appears as earthquakes and tectonic movements are in fact the natural reorganization of Kandara’s substance to restablish; heal; her organic form.

Even deeper; the falling of the moon affected the Spirit plane; the devastation, terror and suffering imprinting into the collective energies of the living beings; rippling throughout the Trine.  As these unconscious patterns filtered through the field; terrible creatures began being born; imprinted with the fear and horror, evolved by the nature of the weave and wrought into flesh.  Nightmares imagined into reality.  Thus were many of the races and creatures born, manifested into physical form; made of the imprint of fear, anger, outrage; darkness.

Moonstone; the bits and pieces of the second moon fallen to the earth; is one of the densest materials on the planet.  Moonstone comes in multiple grades; the denser (closer to the core of the second moon when it was cracked) and more durable, the more valuable.

The second moon of Kandara does not “orbit” Kandara like the first moon.  She does not appear to have phases.  Yet after the crashing of the comet and her shattering; she appears, constantly; in the sky as a great, broken thing.

Atmospheric Effects of Kandara

Mana Storms – Electromagnetic fields of distortion; mana storms are the result of the second moon’s plunge through the spheres of energy that radiate from the core of Kandara, disrupting the ley lines.  They appear as exceptionally crackling lightning storms; portentious with thick feeling; a slick kind of slipperyness in the air.  Mana storms are dangerous and beautiful; granting unpredictable yet effects.  Some are light caused an increase in mana absorption by beings within their range; others are heavy and disruptive; draining the mana from beings.  During mana storms, mana usage can be unpredictable as well, spells backfiring; enchantments warping; a myriad of effects depending on the nature and consistency of the storm.


Kandara is a world of elemental intelligences, the deva.  The spirit beings of the various elements.  Greentenders commune with these beings; gaining portent and enlisting aid.  Devic intelligences have their own personalities; like the element they are made from.  They have an intuitive purposing relative to the Heart of Kandara.

How beings on Kandara interact with deva is deeply a matter of relationship.  Greentenders have, by virtue of their connection to the Mother; a strong alliance, a friendship, with the deva.  Other beings, Weavers; will the devic threads of the Weave with intention.

There is a way to bind deva.  To connect with the elemental essence of a thing and contain it.  Storm deva, lava deva, ley deva, all can be potentially woven and bound into items.

Deva do not like to be imprisoned.  It removes them from the flow of energy from the Heart and is disharmonious to them.  Some weavers will conscript deva into a form, an item, which empowers the item.  Greentenders would never do such a thing.

Different beings on the planet have different affinities; elemental affinities with a particular form of devic energy.  The relationship between weaving (which essential * wills * the elements, aspects of the deva; into forms) and greentending (which more fundamentally works with aligning oneself with the natural flow) deeply affects the manifestations of siddhi; defining the styles by their philosophy.

The Trine

Kandara has three fields of energy that are most commonly accessed by her inhabitants.  The fields of Spirit; of the Green, and the Weave.  Together; they form a trine of forces which underlie phenomenon.  Each has a distinct signature.  The Green is green in colour and texture; embodying the energy of Life itself; of Nature; of the elementals and devic entities of Kandara.  Spirit energy is silvery; shifting and ghostly; holding the psychic thoughts; emotions and souls of living creatures.  Then, there is the Weave; a multicoloured, shifting plane of energy which, when accessed and ‘woven’ by practitioners; causes a temporary shifts to the laws of physics.

Seen energetically; elementally; all physical forms are a combination of these three forces.  Yet such an extremely subtle phenomenon; a level of acuity of perception achieved by a relative few.  Were one’s awareness to be deep enough, subtle enough; all phenomenon within existence could be seen on this elemental plane.  Such is the perception of creatures such as the First Ones and other major elemental embodiments.

prime elements of Kandara:

All aspects of Creation are constructed of consciousness; itself.  As the formless settles into form, it crystallizes into various fundamental elements.  It is from these elements that all form is constructed.

On Kandara, these forces are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Time and Space.  Various combinations of these fields become the trines of the Weave, the Green; and the Spirit realm.  Yet fundamentally, they are all made of the prime elements.  All manifestation works with these integral elements.

Intention has a great deal to do with creation.  As beings intend towards a thing; consciousness organizes around a particular configuration of the prime elements (and thus, the Trine); leading towards the creation of the thing.

Talents are the manifestation of a particular facility with the elemental forces; guided by intention; and relative to the elemental qualities in the action.

All manifestations are made of various aspects of the Life, Spirit, and Change.  All beings on Kandara have a certain degree of facility with the Trine; with Life (the Green); with Spirit, with Change.  All effects on the surface plane are made of these, woven together.

In gameplay; players may have any type of mystical abilities they choose; the abilities only need to be created from a mixture of these various fields.

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